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Can anyone upload pictures?

I tried uploading several pictures from my computer where you drag and drop them. I had no success with this at all. Every time i tried uploading the picture it failed. I see people have put pictures on the site, but i don't know how they did it. I tried for quite a while with no success. I tried where it said you can upload media and not while i was posting a question, so maybe there is a difference. I will find out.  Peace
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gonna take a lot of "getting used toit" before it gets easier..lol

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Hey Harley, could you help me out by letting me know what browser and device you are using? I am currently using Windows 10 with Chrome, Edge and FireFox and it seems to work on my end.

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I’m using a iPhone, works here in USA 

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I just tried it for the first time. It said it failed but it did upload?? This is my first venture into the new portal.