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The Siberian

Has anyone considered moving to Siberia to avoid coronavirus?
king 's answer185

hell no

ShadowTurtle 's answerGrower ‐ 780

I don't know a single person first hand that has been sickened by it.

BigBadJohn Expert ‐ 850i think the numbers are grossly exaggerated
Worm82 10I'm thinking the same @shadowturtle . I don't know anyone that knows anyone. I wonder what they didn't want us to see when they scared us all from leaving home for a month and paid us to do it
pappaweed 130My family are gov officialsIt’s really worst then what we know. Trump hiding the facts until after elections
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Definitely don’t wanna move to Siberia lol to damn cold from what I hear

ShadowTurtle Grower ‐ 780Well, you could do some indigenous ruderalis outdoor grows there.

(Really, cannabis website and its spell checker says
ruderalis isn't a word!)
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260 cases in a county of 300,000. 3 deaths. South Texas is doing pretty good!

pappaweed 130How many death now. Check the facts
BigBadJohn Expert ‐ 85062 as of July 20. Those are facts. where did you think i got thath number? my butt?
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nope :)

Will 's answerAdministrator ‐ 85

I will take the last train

pappaweed 's answer130

No. But maybe to get away from trump. Lol

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Not Siberia, but Amsterdam is sounding pretty good!